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Active Speaker Mackie 1521

Active speaker for rent in Tuscany, ideal for your party at a nightclub, the ceremony took you, for your dj
Mackie brand guarantee
The SRM450 re-defined live sound. So much so that a lot of folks have asked for MORE OF EVERYTHING.
Description SA 1521 Active 15-inch, 2-Way SR Speaker System

The SRM450 re-defined live sound. So much so that a lot of folks have asked for MORE OF EVERYTHING.
The new SA1521 truly fulfills the demand for MORE OF EVERYTHING.MORE power (500 watts). MORE transducer (15-inch LF transducer). MORE SPL (133dB peak!).
The SA1521 is an honest-to-gosh technology breakthrough - an active, full-bandwidth solution with seamlessly integrated power and control, premium transducers and that wonderfully wide dispersion that lets everyone in the audience hear the same thing.
Put the SA1521 up against the most popular 15" two-way systems in the world and what happens? You suddenly discover that the competition is obsolete - problematic in design, poor in definition and basically nothing more than a 15" and a 1" playing separate tunes.
It doesn't take long to realize that the new SA1521 truly RE-DEFINES 2-way 15-inch speaker systems.The SA1521 is an Active speaker system that expands the performance envelope of previous Mackie Active products. It has better resolution, output and linearity than the SRM450 and higher output than the SR1530 product. It also sets a new standard for 15-inch woofer/ 1-inch compression driver based systems through it's smoothness, power and mid-band performance. This leads to a compact product with a broad range of applications that is powerful and very easy to use.

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