Betty dj Biography

Betty Dj Biography

Hi everybody I’m Betty, and in 1994 I was overwhelmed by a passion called Music! Actually, it all started long before, in the summer of 1986 when I was only 13 and I bought my first tape cassette...Festivalbar '86..where the Picnic At The Whitehouse played “We need protection”, I loved it so much!!! About 4 years later I first entered a disco, on a Sunday afternoon of course, and I was truly enraptured by the Dj, and how great it was to have so many people dancing and having fun at your music. Then I had my lucky strike, I met a very special person, a Dj of course, who was so patient and taught me all the secrets of this wonderful job! Other than the mixing technique, so important and difficult at the beginning, he taught what it means to be a Dj. At first he let me play a bit in his evenings: I was very careful at working on nice mixing passages, but when I lifted my head, I found the dance floor was empty !!!! I really got mad ! It was not a technical mistake, I was selecting the wrong music! He taught me to LOOK and UNDERSTAND what the dance floor needs moment after moment, and little by little the rewarding came! After saving for a long time I was finally able to get my professional equipment, with two 1200 Technics players and a mixer, and from that day, no more silence at my place !!! Poor mom, there was one rave party after the other, and my neighbourhood was desperate!

A few years later (1990-91) I started working for a radio program of trend music, "PowerTraxx" at "La Radioò", a local radio in AGLIANA, Pistoia, and organizing my first parties. I also participated in a competition for a party in the province of Pistoia, in 1993, and I won! Well, it was only three competitors, I could have spared you this detail !!!

The first real training was in 1994-95 at the Panda disco in Pistoia. I remember how much my hands were shaking the first times I had so many people before me! Then I started working at the Byblos in Quarrata, Pistoia, and each time I became a bit  more self-assured. The summer of 1996 marked a turning point, and I started working at the Club Del Diavolo . This is a restaurant, pizza place and disco-pub in the province of PISTOIA that works at its best in the summer. “We need a Dj for Saturday evenings, just a little  music entertainment, nothing more” said the owners. I accepted, no problem, I only wanted to play music with loads of people! Today, 12 years later, I realize I grew up with those Saturday evenings at the CDD, that now I feel it a bit as my own! The CDD is now a real disco with hundreds of guests per evening in the summer, with renowned entertainers, not only Djs but also famous people from the show business in general. I was lucky to work with people such as Molella, Fargetta, Paoletta, Albertino, Prezioso, Platinette, DJ Angelo, Nicola Savino, Dj Dado, Roberto Ferrari, Provenzano and others! I was really delighted!

In 1996 I started my first experience as a tourist entertainer in the resort Cala Di Falco in Cannigione in beautiful Sardinia. At first I found it all really difficult, but then it became wonderful! I started growing familiar with the mike, and continued this experience in tourist resorts in the following years until 2005; these experiences are really important because you grow as a person.

I worked mostly in Sardinia, a land I love more than any other, summer or winter!

To make a lost story short, I am a Dj now! My dream has come true, or rather, the dream of feeling the emotion of having people dance and have fun with you, that’s all! There have been, and surely will be, some hard moments  but the thrill I feel is really something else. And when I realize the thrill is over, that will be my time to hang my headphones on the wall.


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